Maria Malikiosi-Loizos

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Abstract The issue of personal therapy in the training of counsellors and counselling psychologists has long been debated and is still being discussed. Although some people believe that trainees’ processing of personal issues helps increase their self-understanding, they do not consider it mandatory. Others argue that personal therapy is an integral part of(More)
A Greek translation of the Revised UCLA Loneliness Scale was internally reliable (alpha = .89), after eliminating Item 4, and significantly correlated with the English version (r = .94) for a sample of bilingual students. Weiss's distinction between social loneliness and emotional loneliness was also reliably identified in the Greek translation. Loneliness(More)
Scores on a Greek translation of the Life Satisfaction Index were correlated .95 with scores on the English version for a sample of 36 bilingual Greek university women. The internal reliability of the Greek translation was estimated by a coefficient alpha of .78. Scores were significantly correlated -.51 with those on a previously published Greek(More)
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