Maria Magnusson Seger

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The effect of scatter on reconstructed image quality in cone beam computed tomography was investigated and a function which can be used in scatter-reduction optimisation tasks was tested. Projections were calculated using the Monte Carlo method in an axially symmetric cone beam geometry consisting of a point source, water phantom and a single row of(More)
In medical helical cone-beam CT, it is common that the region-of-interest (ROI) is contained inside the helix cylinder, while the complete object is long and extends outside the top and the bottom of the cylinder. This is the Long Object Problem. Analytical reconstruction methods for helical cone-beam CT have been designed to handle this problem. It has(More)
This paper presents a proposal (not entirely new) for combining analytical and algebraic reconstruction techniques. Such a combination bears the promise to improve the image quality of fast but non-exact, reconstruction of the filtered backprojection type. The difference between the present proposal and traditional ART is that we compute a full error image(More)
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