Maria Magdalena Coman

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Conserved residues in the d subunit help the E. coli clamp loader, c complex, target primer-template DNA for clamp assembly ABSTRACT The Escherichia coli clamp loader, c complex (c 3 dd'kc), catalyzes ATP-driven assembly of b clamps onto primer-template DNA (p/tDNA), enabling processive replication. The mechanism by which c complex targets p/tDNA for clamp(More)
The instrumentation in Hall A at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility was designed to study electro-and photo-induced reactions at very high luminosity and good momentum and angular resolution for at least one of the reaction products. The central components of Hall A are two identical high resolution spectrometers, which allow the vertical(More)
We have measured the differential cross section for the gamman-->pi(-)p and gammap-->pi(+)n reactions at theta(c.m.)=90 degrees in the photon energy range from 1.1 to 5.5 GeV at Jefferson Lab (JLab). The data at E(gamma) greater, similar 3.3 GeV exhibit a global scaling behavior for both pi(-) and pi(+) photoproduction, consistent with the constituent(More)
The CD8 co-receptor influences T cell recognition and responses in both anti-tumor and anti-viral immunity. During evolution in the ancestor of humans and chimpanzees, the CD8B gene acquired two additional exons. As a result, in humans, there are four CD8β splice variants (M1 to M4) that differ in their cytoplasmic tails. The M-1 isoform which is the(More)
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