Maria Magdalena Coman

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Conserved residues in the d subunit help the E. coli clamp loader, c complex, target primer-template DNA for clamp assembly ABSTRACT The Escherichia coli clamp loader, c complex (c 3 dd'kc), catalyzes ATP-driven assembly of b clamps onto primer-template DNA (p/tDNA), enabling processive replication. The mechanism by which c complex targets p/tDNA for clamp(More)
The CD8 co-receptor influences T cell recognition and responses in both anti-tumor and anti-viral immunity. During evolution in the ancestor of humans and chimpanzees, the CD8B gene acquired two additional exons. As a result, in humans, there are four CD8β splice variants (M1 to M4) that differ in their cytoplasmic tails. The M-1 isoform which is the(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether vaginal administration of probiotic Lactobacillus results in their colonization and persistence in the vagina and whether it promotes normalization and maintenance of pH and Nugent score. A single-arm, open-label controlled towards the baseline (pre–post) study including 35 apparently healthy women was(More)
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