Maria Madlberger

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Mobile marketing offers great opportunities for businesses. Marketing activities supported by mobile devices allow companies to directly communicate with their consumers without time or location barriers. However, some areas of mobile marketing still need further investigation. Especially, the topic of advertising via mobile devices is of major interest. It(More)
This study extends a stimulus–organism–response (S–O–R) model to include impulse-buying behavior, which plays a vital role in electronic shopping but has not gained much attention in e-commerce research. Grounding our research in environmental psychology, we test the effects of virtual atmospheric cues on online impulse-buying behavior and spending, via a(More)
E-business industry and consumers are struggling to find a balance between consumers' privacy and the promotion of the development of online business. Regulation has widely been considered as an appropriate way to resolve regulatory conflicts in e-commerce. A multitude of surveys have investigated privacy attitudes, revealing a general desire among Internet(More)
Mobile technologies imply many opportunities for marketing, in particular a direct communication with consumers without time or location barriers. However, some aspects of mobile marketing such as mobile advertising still require further research. The diffusion of mobile technologies is considered a factor that may impact consumers’ perceptions and(More)
The topic of collaboration in cross-organizational and cross-border settings is an emerging subfield of information systems research. This paper presents a compressive literature review of 52 research papers, published from 2000 to 2007, in four leading journals. The focus of the analysis are topics of investigation, sources of data, and the underlying(More)
Digital collaboration in cross-organizational settings is an emerging subfield of information systems research. This paper proposes a framework which describes digital collaboration as a continuous process influenced by a number of factors. The framework is derived from a systematic literature review of 80 research papers, published from 2000 to 2007, in(More)
The best recommender system is useless if consumers are not interested in its recommendations. Hence it is vital for e-commerce operators who apply recommender systems to get insights into the drivers of interest in personalized recommendations. This paper combines IS research and marketing research as it applies the theory of opinion seeking in order to(More)
With growing use of interorganizational systems, the scope of interfirm collaboration has increased considerably, particularly in the supply chain context. An important prerequisite of interfirm collaboration is information sharing. Extant research suggests clear advantages of information sharing. The research at hand addresses antecedents of(More)