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Mobile marketing offers great opportunities for businesses. Marketing activities supported by mobile devices allow companies to directly communicate with their consumers without time or location barriers. However, some areas of mobile marketing still need further investigation. Especially, the topic of advertising via mobile devices is of major interest. It(More)
Keywords: Impulse buying Electronic commerce Stimulus–organism–response model Environmental psychology Store atmosphere Online shopping Online consumer behavior Structural equation model a b s t r a c t This study extends a stimulus–organism–response (S–O–R) model to include impulse-buying behavior, which plays a vital role in electronic shopping but has(More)
Mobile technologies imply many opportunities for marketing, in particular a direct communication with consumers without time or location barriers. However, some aspects of mobile marketing such as mobile advertising still require further research. The diffusion of mobile technologies is considered a factor that may impact consumers' perceptions and(More)
Digital collaboration in cross-organizational settings is an emerging subfield of information systems research. This paper proposes a framework which describes digital collaboration as a continuous process influenced by a number of factors. The framework is derived from a systematic literature review of 80 research papers, published from 2000 to 2007, in(More)
In e-commerce a large variety of business models for selling goods online has emerged. But most known approaches are focused on e-commerce in general and do not reflect characteristics of e-tailing. The objective of this paper is the development of a research framework and an empirical evaluation in order to analyze e-tail business models on behalf of(More)