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BACKGROUND The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme in England offers biennial screening to those aged 60-74 using a faecal occult blood test (FOBt) sent by post. Data from this national clinical programme can also be used for research. Awareness of the impact of such studies on screening participation is important. AIMS To investigate the effect on(More)
A 15-yr experience with symptomatic pulmonary parenchymal sarcoidosis treated with corticosteroids has included 250 patients. Within the past 5 yr 192 patients have been actively studied and these are reported in detail. Varied clinical observations are described. Serial measurements of vital capacity and steady-state carbon monoxide diffusing capacity were(More)
A series of 181 patients with chronic persistent sarcoidosis for more than 5 years have been reviewed, with a mean follow-up period of 14 years, and 77% followed for more than 10 years. Efforts to identify more white patients meeting the criteria of such persistent disease were unsuccessful. Seventy-eight percent were black, and 69% were women. Pulmonary(More)
The present study provides evidence for the involvement of dopamine in the regulation of quiet biting attack behavior. Utilizing monopolar electrodes, quiet biting attack was elicited by electrical stimulation of lateral hypothalamus in five cats. After stable baseline response latency values were established, the nonselective dopamine agonist, apomorphine,(More)
Although spontaneous remissions are frequent in sarcoidosis, chronic persistent disabling disease is also observed. This feature seems more frequent and more severe in black patients, as has been previously reported (10). The more extensive and severe the initial disease manifestations, the more likely it is that the disease will continue. Corticosteroids(More)
The great cascade of medical articles about urinary infection at every age, which has marked the past decade, shows signs now of slackening. It is time to take stock. Among children it is realized how commonly urinary infection is accompanied by radiographic alterations of the kidney with a tendency to recurrences, and this has led to a minatory and at(More)