Maria M. Zamfirache

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In this study the glandular hair morphology, chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils from three Ocimum species have been investigated (Ocimum basilicum L. var. Genovese, O. gratissimum and O. tenuiflorum). The indumentum shows little variation among the investigated species with both glandular and non-glandular hairs presents.(More)
Fruits along with vegetables are major contributors to our daily vitamin requirements. Both, fruits and vegetables are very important for health because the nutrient contribution is dependent on the amount of vitamins present in these, as well as the amount consumed (1). Vitamin C or ascorbic acid (hereafter AA) is a water-soluble vitamin, which has an(More)
Plantago L. genus (Plantaginaceae) includes a large number of species differing in salt tolerance; many of them are adapted to live in saline environments, thus making the genus Plantago a good model for comparative studies about responses to salinity stress (1). Plantago genus includes species well-known as medicinal plants and others can be used for food(More)
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