Maria M Kasprzak

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In this study we examined their proapoptotic activity of cis-dichloridobis(3-imino-2-methoxyflavanone)ruthenium(II)3H(2)O (1) and cis-dichloridobis(3-imino-2-ethoxyflavanone)ruthenium(II)2H(2)O (2) towards human bladder carcinoma cell line EJ and its cisplatin resistant subline EJcisR. On the basis of the experiments we carried out, it may be concluded,(More)
This work presents the synthesis, spectroscopic properties and single-crystal X-ray examination of the structure of 3-hydroxyiminoflavanone and its palladium complex. It presents the results of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectroscopy, electron-density studies based on X-ray wavefunction refinement and theoretical calculations combined with QTAIM(More)
Synthesis, structure and properties of two new flavanone complexes of Ru(ii) are described. The new complexes form during the reaction of ruthenium(iii) chloride with 3-aminoflavone (3-af) dissolved in an aliphatic alcohol. The formed products depend on the alcohol used and were found to be: cis-dichloridobis(3-imino-2-methoxyflavanone)ruthenium(ii)·3H(2)O(More)
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