Maria Luiza Saraiva Pereira

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Data gathered in this study suggested the exposure of rats and Algerian mice, living in an abandoned mining area, to a mixture of heavy metals. Although similar histopathological features were(More)
Sulfated fucans are among the most widely studied of all the sulfated polysaccharides of non-mammalian origin that exhibit biological activities in mammalian systems. Examples of these(More)
We have characterized the structure of a sulfated d-galactan from the red algae Botryocladia occidentalis. The following repeating structure (-4-alpha-d-Galp-1-->3-beta-d-Galp-1-->) was found for(More)
A polysaccharide isolated from the body wall of the sea cucumber Ludwigothurea grisea has a backbone like that of mammalian chondroitin sulfate: [4-beta-D-GlcA-1-->3-beta-D-GalNAc-1]n but substituted(More)
In spite of their sensitivity to anthropogenic stressors, adults of Rana perezi Seoane were found inhabiting effluent ponds from a uranium mine. Due to the presence of such organisms in this(More)