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Although several access control policies can be devised for controlling access to information, all existing authorization models, and the corresponding enforcement mechanisms, are based on a specific policy (usually the closed policy). As a consequence, although different policy choices are possible in theory, in practice only a specific policy can actually(More)
The need to automatically extract and classify the contents of multimedia data archives such as images, video, and text documents has led to significant work on similarity based retrieval of data. To date, most work in this area has focused on the creation of index structures for similarity based retrieval. There is very little work on developing formalisms(More)
A critical reality in data integration is that knowledge from different sources may often be conflicting with each other. Conflict resolutioncan be costly and, if done without proper context, can be ineffective. In this paper, we propose a novel query-driven and feedback-based approach (<i>FICSR</i><sup>1</sup>) to conflict resolution when integrating data(More)
Over the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of interactive multimedia presentations prepared by different individuals and organizations. In this paper, we present an algebra for querying multimedia presentation databases. In contrast to the relational algebra, an algebra for interactive multimedia presentations must operate(More)
Most past work on video summarization has been based on selecting key frames from videos. We propose a model of video summarization based on three important parameters: Priority (of frames), Continuity (of the summary), and non-Repetition (of the summary). In short, a summary must include high priority frames, must be continuous and non-repetitive. An(More)
Tensors (multidimensional arrays) are widely used for representing high-order dimensional data, in applications ranging from social networks, sensor data, and Internet traffic. Multiway data analysis techniques, in particular tensor decompositions, allow extraction of hidden correlations among multiway data and thus are key components of many data analysis(More)
The problem of integrating multiple heterogeneous legacy databases is an important problem. Many papers 7, 9, 3] to date on this topic have assumed that all the databases comprising a mediated/federated system share the same security ordering. This assumption is often not true as the databases may have been developed independently by diierent agencies at(More)
Reasoning about social networks (labeled, directed, weighted graphs) is becoming increasingly important and there are now models of how certain phenomena (e.g. adoption of products/services by consumers, spread of a given disease) " diffuse " through the network. Some of these diffusion models can be expressed via generalized annotated programs (GAPs). In(More)
Feedback process has been used extensively in document-centric applications, such as text retrieval and multimedia retrieval. Recently, there have been efforts to apply feedback to semi-structured XML document collections as well. In this paper, we note that feedback can also be an effective tool for exploring (through result ranking and query refinement)(More)