Maria Luisa Rastello

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A new technique is considered for parameter estimation in a linear measurement error model AX ≈ B, A = A 0 + ˜ A, B = B 0 + ˜ B, A 0 X 0 = B 0 with row-wise independent and non-identically distributed measurement errors˜A, ˜ B. Here, A 0 and B 0 are the true values of the measurements A and B, and X 0 is the true value of the parameter X. The total(More)
— In this paper we report our systematic study of a promising absolute calibration technique of analog photo-detectors, based on the properties of parametric down conversion. Our formal results and a preliminary uncertainty analysis show that the proposed method can be effectively developed with interesting applications to metrology. I. INTRODUCTION In(More)
—We propose a new scheme for measuring the quantum efficiency of photon counting detectors by using correlated pho-tons. The measurement technique is based on a 90 rotation of the polarization of one photon member of a correlated pair produced by parametric down-conversion, conditioned on the detection of the other correlated photon after polarization(More)
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