Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara

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In quantum computational logic meanings of sentences are identified with quantum information quantities: systems of qubits or, more generally, mixtures of systems of qubits. We consider two kinds of quantum computational semantics: 1) a compositional semantics, where the meaning of a compound sentence is determined by the meanings of its parts; 2) a(More)
Quantum computation and quantum computational logics are intrinsically connected with some puzzling epistemic problems. In the framework of a quantum computational approach to epistemic logic we investigate the following question: is it possible to interpret the basic epis-temic operations (having information, knowing) as special kinds of Hilbert-space(More)
Parallelism represents an essential aspect of human mind/brain activities. One can recognize some common features between psychological parallelism and the characteristic parallel structures that arise in quantum theory and in quantum computation. The article is devoted to a discussion of the following questions: a comparison between classical probabilistic(More)
Shi and Aharonov have shown that the Toffoli gate and the Hadamard gate give rise to an approximately universal set of quantum computational gates. The basic algebraic properties of this system have been studied in Dalla Chiara et al. (Foundations of Physics 39(6):559–572, 2009), where we have introduced the notion of Shi-Aharonov quantum computational(More)