Maria Luisa Calvo

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The importance of the amplitude and phase in the fractional Fourier transform (FT) domain is analyzed on the basis of the rectangular signal and the real-world image. The quality of signal restoration from only the amplitude or from only the phase of its fractional FT by applying the inverse fractional FT is considered. It is shown that the signal(More)
In this paper we review the progress achieved in optical information processing during the last decade by applying fractional linear integral transforms. The fractional Fourier transform and its applications for phase retrieval, beam characterization, space-variant pattern recognition, adaptive filter design, encryption, watermarking, etc., is discussed in(More)
We present a mathemathical formalism to analyze saturated edge imaging using various modified Heaviside functions. Introduction. For the past few decades an enormous amount of work has been done in the field of the theory of edge detection. This area of optical, hybrid and digital image processing interrelates different aspects of image formation, visual(More)
An exact treatment of the initial field falling on the entrance face of a photoreceptor, so that the scattered field far from the latter vanishes, is presented. Its physical interest and some consequences are discussed. By establishing certain similarities between the behaviour of the photoreceptor as light penetrates into and propagates along, and an(More)
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