Maria Luisa Bernuzzi

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BACKGROUND Data on the burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in Europe are needed to help understand the potential impact of introducing new rotavirus vaccines. MATERIALS AND METHODS As part of prospective observational study (Rotavirus gastroenteritis Epidemiology and Viral types in Europe Accounting for Losses in Public Health and Society Study, REVEAL)(More)
Decontamination with hydrogen peroxide is a technology widely used to reduce microbial contamination. A typical application of this technology is in the decontamination of sterility test isolators. This article describes how to decontaminate sterility test isolators and validate the process in order to demonstrate that the microbiological target has been(More)
In this paper, we evaluated the influence of some glass ampoules characteristics that are critical as far as secondary particle contamination (visible and sub-visible) of small volume parenterals. Following characteristics were considered: snap-opening system (colour-break scoring and o.p.c.); break-point strength (high and low); dimensional characteristics(More)
Near-infra-red reflectance spectroscopy is used to determine the active ingredient concentration and water content of an antibiotic powder (ceftazidime pentahydrate). The validity of predictive models for active ingredient concentrations and water content, constructed by means of the multiple linear regression technique is discussed. A procedure is devised(More)
SVP in glass ampoules are manufactured using two main different technological production processes: the open-ampoule process (O) and the closed-ampoule process (C). In principle, the open-ampoule production technology should lead to better controlled production process. To test this hypothesis and quantify the possible qualitative differences in the(More)
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