Maria Luisa Barretta

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Intestinal and systemic illnesses have been linked to increased gut permeability. Bile acids, whose luminal profile can be altered in human disease, modulate intestinal paracellular permeability. We investigated the mechanism by which selected bile acids increase gut permeability using a validated in vitro model. Human intestinal Caco-2 cells were grown in(More)
At the onset of mitosis, the Golgi complex undergoes a multistep fragmentation process that is required for its correct partitioning into the daughter cells. Inhibition of this Golgi fragmentation results in cell cycle arrest at the G2 stage, suggesting that correct inheritance of the Golgi complex is monitored by a "Golgi mitotic checkpoint." However, the(More)
The Golgi apparatus is composed of stacks of cisternae laterally connected by tubules to form a ribbon-like structure. At the onset of mitosis, the Golgi ribbon is broken down into discrete stacks, which then undergo further fragmentation. This ribbon cleavage is required for G2/M transition, which thus indicates that a 'Golgi mitotic checkpoint' couples(More)
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