Maria Lucia Ricciardella

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Myxofibrosarcoma is one of the most common sarcomas in elderly patients showing a slight male prevalence. The tumor is mainly located in lower and upper extremities and rarely in trunk, neck and feet. We present a case of a 84-year-old man referred to our tumour center with a giant and neglected high-grade tibial myxofibrosarcoma in the anteromedial side of(More)
Hand chondroma is a particular cartilagineous tumour, being clinically benign, but morphologically malignant. This study investigates the expression of VEGF together with other growth factors and proliferation markers such as TGFβ2, Ki-67, TNF, FGF1, P53 in 8 cases of hand chondroma treated with courettage, in order to define the ethiopathogenesis of this(More)
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