Maria Lucia Nascimento

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Magnesium and its alloys are highly degradable metals that are potentially useful as biomaterials, especially in orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications. However, the in vivo corrosion has proved to be too high. Because of the complexity of in vivo conditions, a careful study of the corrosion of magnesium in synthetic solutions that simulate the in vivo(More)
Dental alloys are metallic biomaterials which have a broad variation of composition compared to technical alloys. It is therefore in the interest of patients and technicians to conduct a good assessment of the electrochemical behaviour of dental alloys in order to collect information about their corrosion resistance. The purpose of this work was to(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this work was to investigate the electrochemical behavior of cobalt-based alloys of different compositions using the mini-cell system (MCS) and to test the sensitivity of this technique in the detection of variations in the electrochemical behavior caused by the different compositions of cobalt-based alloys. METHODS The(More)
This paper presents a detailed description of the design of a Low Power, SystemC-RTL, OCP-IP compliant MPEG-4 decoder IP-core, named Terpsicore. The Terpsicore was designed for use in embedded systems where low cost, high performance and power efficiency are important. This design supports simple profile L0 with two external memories, was manufactured using(More)
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