Maria Luísa Moura

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Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is an autoimmune disease that was identified in 2007, and manifests in a stepwise manner with psychiatric, neurological and autonomic symptoms. The disease is caused by autoantibodies against NMDA receptors. It can have a paraneoplastic origin, mainly secondary to ovarian teratomas, but it can also be unrelated to the tumor.(More)
To describe the nationwide impact of a restrictive law on over-the-counter sales of antimicrobial drugs, implemented in Brazil in November 2010. Approximately 75% of the population receives healthcare from the public health system and receives free-of-charge medication if prescribed. Total sales in private pharmacies as compared with other channels of sales(More)
The purpose of this article is to review the main neuroanatomic structures and the neurotransmission process involved at memory. Memory is dynamic based on the reunion of aspects of neuronal activation, in a process based on the individual experiences. It will be described the importance of limbic regions and their interaction during processing,(More)
  • Allan H Macdonald, Leonard Kleinman, Qian Niu, Michael P Marder, Brian A Korgel, Hongki Min +18 others
  • 2007
Acknowledgments I must admit that pursuing my graduate studies here at the University of Texas at Austin gave me a rare opportunity to be under the tutelage of talented professors. However, today I feel chiefly indebted to my advisor Dr. Allan MacDonald for the patience and sincerity he has shown me in regard to this dissertation. I would like to take this(More)
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