Maria Letı́cia Cintra

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Recently, a controlled double-blind study in patients with photo-aged facial skin demonstrated the beneficial role of oral intake of silanol for skin, hair and nails. The aim of our pilot study was to investigate histologic alterations in human skin after injection of silanol. Seven healthy female caucasian volunteers with a moderate degree of photoaged(More)
The gel of silicone implants may bleed through the elastomeric envelope or may come into contact with the body because of rupture of the implant. We have studied the effects of free silicone gel injected into the subcutaneous space in rats and analysed the morphological features of the axillary and inguinal lymph nodes. Ninety six Wistar rats had 3 cm3 of(More)
METHODS: We studied the vascular bed in 29 solar keratoses, 30 superficially invasive squamous cell carcinomas and 30 invasive squamous cell carcinomas. The Chalkley method was used to quantify the microvascular area by comparing panendothelial (CD34) with neoangiogenesis (CD105) immunohistochemical markers. The vascular bed from non-neoplastic adjacent(More)
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