Maria Letícia Bonatelli

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The deep-sea environments of the South Atlantic Ocean are less studied in comparison to the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. With the aim of identifying the deep-sea bacteria in this less known ocean, 70 strains were isolated from eight sediment samples (depth range between 1905 to 5560 m) collected in the eastern part of the South Atlantic, from the(More)
Substantial progress was made in the last decade in understanding the diversity in Dioscorea species. However, most of the studies so far concentrated in the ‘yam belt in Africa’. We present a genetic diversity and structure analysis among commercial and local varieties of water yam (Dioscorea alata L.) in Brazil using microsatellite and morphological(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Dioscorea alata L. is one of the most widely distributed species of the genus in the humid and semihumid tropics and is associated with traditional agriculture. Only a few microsatellite markers have been developed so far for this and other Dioscorea species. METHODS AND RESULTS We isolated 14 codominant polymorphic microsatellite(More)
The industrial ethanolic fermentation process is operated in distilleries, either in fed-batch or continuous mode. A consequence of the large industrial ethanol production is bacterial contamination in the fermentation tanks, which is responsible for significant economic losses. To investigate this community, we accessed the profile of bacterial contaminant(More)
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