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The IL-1 family of cytokines encompasses eleven proteins that each share a similar β-barrel structure and bind to Ig-like receptors. Some of the IL-1-like cytokines have been well characterised, and play key roles in the development and regulation of inflammation. Indeed, IL-1α (IL-1F1), IL-1β (IL-1F2), and IL-18 (IL-1F4) are well-known inflammatory(More)
Context: Security in Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS) has gained increased attention in current research and practice. However, a common understanding and agreement on security is still missing. In addition, the proliferation of literature makes it cumbersome to overlook and determine state of the art and further to identify research challenges and(More)
In recent years the British government has sought to target service provision both on people with severe enduring mental illness and on those considered to be at risk of suicide. The study reported here suggests these policies may have had unforeseen repercussions on services for people who self-harm but have no identifiable mental illness. This paper(More)
Flexibility is one of the key challenges for Workflow Systems nowadays. Typically, a workflow covers the following four aspects which might all be subject to change: control flow, data flow, organizational structures, and application components (services). Existing work in research and practice shows that changes must be applied in a controlled manner in(More)
Chronic heart failure (CHEF) is a growing public health problem. Current guidelines provide detailed information regarding pharmacotherapy but little guidance about the value of exercise/cardiac rehabilitation programmes for individuals with this condition. To investigate the effects of exercise training upon CHF patients, a systematic literature review was(More)
There is evidence that patients presenting at a hospital Accident and Emergency (A&E) department with self-harm are considerably more likely than many others to discharge themselves before their assessment or treatment are complete. This paper reports a study that is part of a broader analysis of all self-harm presentations to a hospital A&E department over(More)
Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS) enable the definition, execution, and management of business processes. Typically, processes are specified by control flow, data flow, and users or services , authorized to execute process tasks. During process execution, it is often necessary to access sensitive data such as patient or customer information. To(More)
BACKGROUND It has been estimated that violence accounts for more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide each year and these fatal assaults represent only a fraction of all assaults that actually occur. The problem has widespread consequences for the individual and for the wider society in physical, psychological, social and economic terms. A wide range of(More)
Currently, many approaches address the enforcement and monitoring of constraints over business processes. However, main focus has been put on constraint verication for intra-instance process constraints so far, i.e., constraints that aect single instances. Existing approaches addressing instance-spanning constraints only consider certain scenarios. In other(More)
Enhancing existing business process modeling languages with security concepts has attracted increased attention in research and several graphical notations and symbols have been proposed. How these extensions can be comprehended by users has not been evaluated yet. However, the comprehensibility of security concepts integrated within business process models(More)