Maria Leichtfried

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The dynamics of leaf litter transport and retention in two contrasting reaches in the Njoro River, Kenya, is reported, analysed and discussed. The study focussed on two aspects: experimental leaf litter transport and retention in the Maryjoy and Turkana reaches which differ in structural heterogeneity and natural leaf litter transport in the two reaches.(More)
Decomposition of the leaves of Dombeya goetzenii (K. Schum) in the Njoro River is described and analysed. The loss of the ash-free dry mass was rapid during the first 14 d of exposure in the wet and humid zones. The leaves in the litter bags in the humid and wet zones were processed at a rate (±SD) of 0.005±0.001 d-1 and 0.021±0.001 d-1, respectively. The(More)
The relationship between sediment biofilm components and anthropogenic activities in the Njoro River, a Kenyan Rift Valley stream, was elucidated by sampling three sites (Mugo, Egerton Bridge & Canning Factory). The concentrations of total organic carbon, total nitrogen, total proteins, total carbohydrates, colloidal carbohydrates and microbial exopolymer(More)
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