Maria-Laura Scarino

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The apical uptake of 64CuCl2 was investigated in human differentiated intestinal Caco-2 cells grown on permeable supports. At pH 6.0 in the apical compartment, the uptake of copper was linear over the first 6 min and between 10 and 80 μM CuCl2 exhibited non-saturable transport kinetics. In addition, copper uptake was energy-independent, affected by the(More)
AIM To test the effect of the dephytinization of three different commercial infant cereals on iron, calcium, and zinc bioavailability by estimating the uptake, retention, and transport by Caco-2 cells. METHODS Both dephytinized (by adding an exogenous phytase) and non-dephytinized infant cereals were digested using an in vitro digestion protocol adapted(More)
s Linz 2010 Altex 27, Suppl. 2/10 140 Poster Towards a mechanism-based safety test for acellular pertussis vaccines S. F. C. Vaessen 0, M. W. P. Bruysters 1, R. J. Vandebriel 1, S. Verkoeijen 0, C. A. Krul 0 and A. M. Akkermans 1 University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Utrecht) (Nl); National Institute for Public Health and the environment (Bilthoven) (Nl)(More)
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