Maria L Nibali

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To determine if post-activation potentiation (PAP) can augment sports performance, it is pertinent that researchers be confident that any enhancement in performance is attributable to the PAP phenomenon. However, obtaining mechanistic measures of PAP in the daily training environment of highly trained athletes is impractical. We sought to validate jump(More)
Understanding typical variation of vertical jump (VJ) performance and confounding sources of its typical variability (i.e., familiarization and competitive level) is pertinent in the routine monitoring of athletes. We evaluated the presence of systematic error (learning effect) and nonuniformity of error (heteroscedasticity) across VJ performances of(More)
We sought to determine the efficacy of using a continuous time course trial to assess the temporal profile of post-activation potentiation and to determine the time course of potentiation of discrete jump squat kinetic and kinematic variables. Eight physically trained men performed jump squats before and 4, 8, and 12 min after a 5-repetition maximum back(More)
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