Maria Lúcia Rubo de Rezende

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BACKGROUND Fibroblasts are considered important cells in periodontitis. When challenged by different agents, they respond through the release of cytokines that participate in the inflammatory(More)
BACKGROUND Autologous bone grafts are usually well consolidated after 4 to 5 months but can be incompletely interlocked with the native bone. This study investigated the effect of acid(More)
AIM To report a well succeeded use of cyanoacrylate adhesive for fixating a resorbable membrane during a guided tissue regeneration procedure (GTR). BACKGROUND The immobilization of membranes in(More)
Root demineralization is used in Periodontics as an adjuvant for mechanical treatment. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of root surface modification with mechanic, chemical, and(More)
BACKGROUND Severely resorbed mandibles often present a short band of keratinized tissue associated with a shallow vestibule. As a result, prominent muscle insertions are present, especially in the(More)
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