Maria Krikunova

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The intracellular adaptor protein SH3P7 is the mammalian ortholog of yeast actin-binding protein 1 and thus alternatively named as mAbp1 (or HIP55). Structural properties, biochemical analysis of its interaction partners and siRNA studies implicated mAbp1 as an accessory protein in clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME). Here, we describe the generation and(More)
Irradiation of nanoscale clusters and large molecules with intense laser pulses transforms them into highly-excited non- equilibrium states. The dynamics of intense laser-cluster interaction is encoded in electron kinetic energy spectra, which contain signatures of direct photoelectron emission as well as emission of thermalized nanoplasma electrons. In(More)
Conventional linear and time-resolved spectroscopic techniques are often not appropriate to elucidate specific pigment–pigment interactions in light-harvesting pigment-protein complexes (LHCs). Nonlinear (laser-) spectroscopic techniques, including nonlinear polarization spectroscopy in the frequency domain (NLPF) as well as step-wise (resonant) and(More)
Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades d o c t o r r e r u m n a t u r a l i u m 'Der vollkommene Weltmann wäre der, welcher nie in Unschlüssigkeit stockte und nie in Übereilung geriete.' Preface The thesis on hand was realized in the framework of two successive research projects (Ho 1757/2-1 and Ho 1757/2-2) financed by the DFG. Both projects extended a(More)
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