Maria Koziak

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This second part of our study of ‘pure’ oligodendrogliomas focuses on survival data analysis. In order to identify potentially useful prognostic factors and to assess the effectiveness of a new grading system, the 79 patients in the previously analyzed series for whom adequate follow-up could be obtained (52%) were entered in the present analysis.(More)
Quantitative imaging assessment of radiation therapy (RT) for diffuse low-grade gliomas (DLGG) by measuring the velocity of diametric expansion (VDE) over time has never been studied. We assessed the VDE changes following RT and determined whether this parameter can serve as a prognostic factor. We reviewed a consecutive series of 33 adults with(More)
PURPOSE Definition of homogeneous tumor groups of oligodendrogliomas or oligo-astrocytomas is a basic condition for an adequate evaluation and comparison of the results of treatments in patients from various institutions. However, increasing discordances are observed in the histological diagnosis of these tumors. The main goal of this study is to assess(More)
Microangiogenesis is a delayed but crucial event in the malignant progression of oligodendrogliomas. Accord-ingly, in the new Sainte-Anne grading system of oligodendrogliomas, endothelial hyperplasia and contrast enhancement, both being indicators of microangiogenesis, are key criteria for the distinction of grade A from grade B tumours. Vascular(More)
OBJECT In this study, the authors address whether neurofilament protein (NFP) expression can be used as an independent prognostic factor in primary glioblastoma multiformes (GBMs). METHODS Three hundred and two consecutive adult patients with newly diagnosed supratentorial primary GBMs were analyzed (January 2000-August 2008). Detailed data regarding(More)
Mutations of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP) gene are associated with pituitary adenomas that usually occur as familial isolated pituitary adenomas (FIPA). Detailed pathological and tumor genetic data on AIP mutation-related pituitary adenomas are not sufficient. Non-identical twin females presented as adolescents to the emergency(More)
In 30 patients with renovascular hypertension, 50 with hypertension in a course of arteries, 71 hypertensive subjects with coexisting parenchymal nephropathy and in 63 with primary hypertension the captopril test was performed after 8 hours night rest and within high sodium diet. Positive test result was stated in 76.67% of patients with renovascular(More)
In the years 1976-1979 all cases of first epileptic seizure of any type were analysed in the whole population of the Mokotów District. The total number of patients with the first seizure in life was 272. The mean annual incidence coefficients were: for the repeatedly occurring seizures (i.e.epilepsy)--21.2/100 thousand of the general population, including(More)
INTRODUCTION Incidence of cerebral oligodendrogliomas is increasing because of better recognition made possible by improved classifications. We studied a homogeneous series using the Sainte-Anne grading scale in order to better understanding the history of these tumors with or without treatment and to assess prognosis and associated factors. PATIENTS AND(More)