Maria Klusmann

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The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer proposed changes to the 7th edition of the Tumor, Node, and Metastasis (TNM) staging manual of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) to improve the prognostic relevance of its descriptors. These changes include the subdivision of T1 and T2 disease according to size cut points; reassignment of the T and(More)
Nephropathic cystinosis is an autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disorder in which intracellular cystine accumulates. It is caused by mutations in the CTNS gene. Clinical manifestations include renal tubular Fanconi syndrome in the first year of life, rickets, hypokalaemia, polyuria, dehydration and acidosis, growth retardation, hypothyroidism,(More)
High-resolution CT (HRCT) of the chest is a valuable, relatively non-invasive tool used to provide information about the pattern and anatomical distribution of lung pathology and subsequent lung development following therapy in order to help monitor disease activity and in guiding further clinical management. HRCT is useful as a roadmap to target sites for(More)
Segmentation of the placenta from fetal MRI is challenging due to sparse acquisition, inter-slice motion, and the widely varying position and shape of the placenta between pregnant women. We propose a minimally interactive framework that combines multiple volumes acquired in different views to obtain accurate segmentation of the placenta. In the first(More)
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