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This work may not be copied or reproduced in whole or part for any commercial purpose. Permission to copy in whole or part without payment of fee is granted for non-profit educational and research purposes provided that all such whole or partial copies include the following: a notice that such copying is by permission of the an acknowledgement of the(More)
Current persistent storage implementations of large bio-ontologies fall short in meeting usability and reusability requirements. Limitations are demonstrated with two representative ontologies-stored-in-databases, the Gene Ontology and the Foundational Model of Anatomy. Their un-usability for granular information retrieval is not due to a lack of knowledge(More)
Ontology representation languages for the Semantic Web have their strengths and weaknesses, in particular in the light of deploying them in information systems. We survey and compare the Description Logics-based OWL variants, and the DL-Lite and DLR families of languages. We demonstrate distinguishing features with examples from the biological and(More)
The aim of the experiment is to put the domainand implementationindependent theory of granularity to the test with the subject domain of human infectious diseases. After determining the data sources, defining the model, and data manipulation operators, the granular perspectives and their levels were defined and contents added. Subsequently, granular(More)
Contents Introduction v Foreword to the English edition ix Preface xi 1 Several major challenges to a culture of peace 1 1. Notes to the translation 43 Biographical sketches 47 Bibliography 49 Index 53 iv Introduction Why a translation now The book's original setting is in the 'post Cold War era' and the élan to create a better future in the new Millennium.(More)
iii Summary With the popularisation of ontologies, their integration will become more important, which in turn influences ontology development, like any goal affects the shaping of the product. While several methodologies and difficulties of ontology integration are known, they are not based on one sound theory of integration. This necessary and overdue(More)