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A Strict Arrangement
Comment Dire: A Neurolinguistic Approach to Beckett’s Bilingual Writings
Recent studies from the field of neurolinguistics and psycholinguistics suggest that bilinguals and multilinguals are in many ways fundamentally different from monolinguals, a difference that startsExpand
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A Search for the Viscous and Sawdust: (Mis)pronunciation in Nabokov’s American Novels
Raised in an Anglophile family, Nabokov read English before he read Russian and called himself a “bilingual baby.” Yet he has described his “Conradical” switch, from writing in Russian to writing inExpand
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Bilingual Obscenities: James Joyce, Ulysses, and the Linguistics of Taboo Words
Abstract: James Joyce’s Ulysses has been notorious as a “dirty book” from the moment of its appearance. It was banned on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for its supposed obscenity and even Joyce’sExpand
Jan Wilm, Mark Nixon (eds.). Samuel Beckett und die deutsche Literatur. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2013.
That Samuel Beckett had a lifelong love for German culture is well known. He travelled extensively in Germany, learned the language, and was deeply interested in German literature, philosophy and artExpand
Beckett in the World
Mark Nixon and Matthew Feldman's important volume on Beckett's international reception is the latest in the Continuum Reception Studies series. The essays in this collection trace Beckett's receptionExpand
James Joyce and Fritz Mauthner: Multilingual Liberators of Language
This article reflects on the relation between Fritz Mauthner and James Joyce, of whom we know that he read Mauthner's Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache and quotes sections of it in his monumentalExpand