Maria-Josep Solé

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The aim of this paper is to differentiate between effects of phonetic implementation and effects of phonological structure in the adjustment of articulatory trajectories to varying speech rate. Cross-linguistic data on coarticulatory nasalization of vowels preceding a nasal consonant at different speech rates were analyzed in American English and Spanish.(More)
It is known that closure voicing during an utterance-initial stop is less likely to occur and is typically shorter than medially. This is because the aerodynamic conditions for closure voicing during utterance-initial stops are less conducive to voicing than those for medial stops, where subglottal pressure is high and relatively constant (Westbury and(More)
1. Introduction A large body of recent work has focused on statistical properties of the lexicon and their possible consequences for the grammar (e. The basic idea of this line of research is that every word can be meaningfully characterized by way of its relationship to other words in the same lexicon. Individual words are therefore not isolated entities;(More)
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