Maria Jose Tormo Diaz

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The toxicokinetics of deltamethrin and its metabolite 4'-HO-deltamethrin after single doses of 26 mg of deltamethrin/kg (oral) or 1.2 mg of deltamethrin/kg (intravenous) were studied in male Wistar rats. Serial blood samples were obtained after oral and intravenous administration. Brain, vas deferens, and anococcygeus tissue samples were also obtained after(More)
To accurately examine associations of physical activity (PA) with disease outcomes, a valid method of assessing free-living activity is required. We examined the validity of a brief PA questionnaire (PAQ) used in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC). PA energy expenditure (PAEE) and time spent in moderate and vigorous(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the validity of the Recent Physical Activity Questionnaire (RPAQ) which assesses physical activity (PA) in 4 domains (leisure, work, commuting, home) during past month. METHODS 580 men and 1343 women from 10 European countries attended 2 visits at which PA energy expenditure (PAEE), time at moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) and sedentary(More)
Sex steroids contribute to modulate GH secretion in man. However, both the exact locus and mechanism by which their actions are exerted still remain not clearly understood. We undertook a number of studies designed to ascertain: (1) whether or not sudden or chronic changes in circulating gonadal steroids may affect GH secretion in normal adults; and (2) the(More)
Biofilms on the surface of food industry equipment are reservoirs of potentially food-contaminating bacteria-both spoilage and pathogenic. However, the capacity of biogenic amine (BA)-producers to form biofilms has remained largely unexamined. BAs are low molecular weight, biologically active compounds that in food can reach concentrations high enough to be(More)
Responses of the isolated vas deferens of guinea pig to clonidine (inhibition of contractions to field stimulation at 2.5 Hz), tyramine (inhibition of contractions to field stimulation at 10 Hz), prostaglandin E2 (inhibition of contractions to field stimulation at 10 Hz), and noradrenaline (contraction of longitudinal muscle) were determined after(More)
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