Maria Jose Martinez-Urrutia

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) is the first choice imaging modality for assessing the urethra, but this technique exposes patients to ionizing radiation. Cystosonography with echocontrast (CS) has proved to be a reliable technique to detect and grade vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) without exposing patients to ionizing radiation, but its(More)
Our experience with renal transplantation in children with inferior vena cava thrombosis is presented in this study. Of the 238 children who have received renal transplants at our institution, four had IVC thrombosis (discovered during pretransplant evaluation: three patients; found at surgery: one patient). The pretransplant US evaluation diagnosis of IVC(More)
The infravesical obstruction created by posterior urethral valves produces a series of structural, biochemical, and functional changes in these boys' bladders that begins during fetal life. Any change can be irreversible and result in the alterations in bladder function that can be found in some of these patients. Bladder instability, poor compliance, and(More)
We have treated three children with traumatic diaphragmatic hernia appearing after blunt abdominal trauma. The hernia was on the right side in two patients and was accompanied by liver and lung injuries. The most common site of diaphragmatic rupture was the postero-lateral area in both sides. Diagnosis was suspected in all of them with chest radiograph(More)
AIM Only few studies have gathered information on the long-term outcomes of children undergoing bladder neck closure (BNC). In the present study, we analyze the long-term results and consequences in this population. PATIENTS AND METHODS The medical records of 20 patients (12 males and 8 females), who underwent BNC after several failed procedures to(More)