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Using different molecular techniques, DNA has been detected in the plasma of cancer patients with various types of tumors. We undertook the present study to investigate the presence of plasma DNA, before mastec-tomy, in patients with breast cancer at diagnosis and to analyze the clinicopathological spectrum of this subgroup of patients with respect to(More)
It is widely accepted that the use of Conceptual Modeling techniques in modern Software Engineering leads to a more accurate description of the problem domain. The application of the corresponding Information Systems based principles in the context of so challenging domains as the Human Genome is a fascinating task. The relevant biological concepts should(More)
Nowadays, the diagnosis of disease based on genomic information is feasible by searching genetic variations on DNA sequences. However, geneticists struggle with bioinformatic tools that are supposed to simplify DNA sequence analysis. As a universal tool to support every requirement is far from be implemented, geneticists themselves must solve the data(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous thrombolysis with alteplase is an effective treatment for ischaemic stroke when applied during the first 4.5 hours, but less than 15% of patients have access to this technique. Mechanical thrombectomy is more frequently able to recanalise proximal occlusions in large vessels, but the infrastructure it requires makes it even less(More)
Because of the evolution of sequencing technologies, Bioinfor-matics Workflow Management Systems (BWMS) are a popular software for geneticists to describe workflows for analysing genomic data. Although these systems improve development productivity, they are far from being widely accepted by this community. The lack of rigorous conceptual modelling(More)