Maria José Ferreira

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Three new macrocyclic jatrophane diterpene polyesters, named pubescenes A ( 1), B ( 2), and C ( 3), and the known compounds indole-3-aldehyde and scopoletin have been isolated and characterised from the whole dried plant of Euphorbia pubescens. The structures of the new compounds were established by spectroscopic means including 2D-NMR techniques such as(More)
The multidrug resistance (MDR) proteins are member of the ATP-binding cassette superfamily and are present in a majority of human tumors. Their activity is a crucial factor leading to therapeutic failure. It is likely that compounds which inhibit the function of the MDR-efflux proteins such as MDR1 will improve the cytotoxic action of anticancer(More)
A series of 53 Portuguese patients (derived from 43 families) born in the period 1963–1999 have been diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL) based on clinicopathological findings. Plotting the cumulative number of new cases per year against the year of birth resulted in a slightly S-shaped curve, with a nearly straight central segment over a(More)
The development of antimicrobial coatings for footwear components is of great interest both from industry and consumer's point of view. In this work, antimicrobial leather materials were developed taking advantage of chitosan intrinsic antimicrobial activity and film forming capacity. Considering the specificities of the leather tanning industry, different(More)
The anthelmintic activity of extracts from Chenopodiumambrosioides, Pycnanthusangolensis and Nutridesintox was in vitro and in vivo investigated, against Toxocaracanis larvae. The in vitro assays results showed that the aqueous extract of Nutridesintox was the most effective, followed by C. ambrosioides extracts, hexane, dichloromethane and the infusion. P.(More)
Three known (1-3) and a novel (4) monoterpene indole alkaloids have been isolated from the methanol extract of leaves of Tabernaemontana elegans and their structures were elucidated by a series of spectroscopic experiments, involving NMR, MS, UV, and IR techniques. The isolated monoterpene indole alkaloids along with previously described beta-carbolines(More)
With an increasing emphasis on behavior change technologies, interest has grown over time also on the role of HCI in motivating healthy tooth brushing habits on children. In this paper we present the design and development of SmartHolder, a toothbrush holder that senses the frequency and duration of toothbrush practices and motivates healthy tooth brushing(More)
The macrocyclic jatrophane diterpene polyesters, pubescenes A - D ( 1 - 4) were isolated from the whole dried plant of Euphorbia pubescens, and evaluated for multidrug resistance (MDR) reversing activity on mouse lymphoma cells. All the compounds displayed very strong activity compared with the positive control verapamil. Pubescene D ( 4) is a new compound,(More)
The effective treatment of infections caused by the most frequent human fungal pathogens Candida albicans and Candida glabrata is hindered by a limited number of available antifungals and development of resistance. In this study, we identified new extracts of medicinal plants inhibiting the growth of C. glabrata, a species generally showing low sensitivity(More)
Gamification, the use of game design elements, such as points, levels, badges and achievements, in non-game contexts is a promising approach for encouraging desired behaviors. In this paper we describe our design process and early evaluation of a prototype that sensed children's social interactions (i.e., physical proximity) in the playground, and attempted(More)