Maria José Del Sole

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the rhythm of intraocular pressure (IOP) in healthy domestic cats with no evidence of ocular disease and to analyze the influence of photoperiod, age, gender and ocular diseases on diurnal-nocturnal variations of cat IOP. ANIMALS All animals were Domestic Short-haired cats; 30 were without systemic or ocular diseases, classified as(More)
PURPOSE To assess in vitro cytotoxic activity and antiangiogenic effect, ocular and systemic disposition, and toxicity of digoxin in rabbits after intravitreal injection as a potential candidate for retinoblastoma treatment. METHODS A panel of two retinoblastoma and three endothelial cell types were exposed to increasing concentrations of digoxin in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the plasma and aqueous humor disposition of prednisolone after oral administration in cats. METHODS Six cats were administered with a single oral dose of prednisolone (10 mg). Blood and aqueous humor samples were serially collected after drug administration. Prednisolone concentrations in plasma and aqueous humor were measured at(More)
Objectives The objectives were to compare two different sedative combinations, xylazine-ketamine and dexmedetomidine-ketamine, on the short electroretinography (ERG) protocol and their impact on sedative effect, reversal times and physiological variables in cats. Methods Six healthy spayed female domestic cats were sedated using one of two(More)
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