Maria José Amorim

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BACKGROUND Schistosomiasis constitutes a major public health problem, and 200 million people are estimated to be infected with schistosomiasis worldwide. In Brazil, schistosomiasis has been reported in 19 states, showing areas of high and medium endemicity and a wide range of areas of low endemicity (ALE). Barra Mansa in Rio de Janeiro state has an(More)
Today there are more than 2 billion alcohol users and about 1.3 billion tobacco users worldwide. The chronic and heavy use of these two substances is at the heart of numerous diseases and may wreak havoc on the human oral microbiome. This study delves into the changes that alcohol and tobacco may cause on biofilms of the human oral microbiome. To do so, we(More)
In cluster analysis, it is often useful to interpret the obtained partition with respect to external qualitative variables (defining known partitions) derived from alternative information. An approach is proposed in the model-based clustering context to select a model and a number of clusters in order to get a partition which both provides a good fit with(More)
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