Maria José Alonso

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PURPOSE To assess the potential of chitosan (CS) nanoparticles for ocular drug delivery by investigating their interaction with the ocular mucosa in vivo and also their toxicity in conjunctival cell cultures. METHODS Fluorescent (CS-fl) nanoparticles were prepared by ionotropic gelation. The stability of the particles in the presence of lysozyme was(More)
PURPOSE To study the in vitro and in vivo interaction of chitosan nanoparticles (CSNPs), a new particulate drug carrier, with epithelial cells on the ocular surface. METHODS CSNPs labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate-bovine serum albumin were produced by ionotropic gelation. Human conjunctival epithelial cells (IOBA-NHC) were exposed for 15, 30, 60,(More)
PURPOSE Gene therapy offers a promising alternative for the treatment of ocular diseases. However, the implementation of this type of therapy is actually hampered by the lack of an efficient ocular gene delivery carrier. The main objective of the present work was to assess the effectiveness and investigate the mechanism of action of a new type of(More)
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