Maria José Afonso

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Warfarin is a 4-hydroxycoumarin anticoagulant drug used for the prevention and management of thromboembolic and vascular diseases. It acts through the inhibition of the vitamin K-dependent transcarboxylation reactions that convert precursors of clotting factors into their active form. Appropriate use of warfarin requires patient monitoring and dosage(More)
In the last few years, geomicrobiologists have focused their researches on the nature and origin of enigmatic reticulated filaments reported in modern and fossil samples from limestone caves and basalt lava tubes. Researchers have posed questions on these filaments concerning their nature, origin, chemistry, morphology, mode of formation and growth. A(More)
Hard-rock catchments are considered to be source of valuable water resources for water supply to inhabitants and ecosystems. The present work aims to develop a groundwater vulnerability approach in the Caldas da Cavaca hydromineral system (Aguiar da Beira, Central Portugal) in order to improve the hydrogeological conceptual site model. Different types of(More)
BACKGROUND GP2015 is a proposed etanercept biosimilar. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate equivalent efficacy, and comparable safety and immunogenicity of GP2015 and the etanercept originator (ETN, Enbrel® ) in patients with moderate-to-severe chronic plaque-type psoriasis. METHODS In total, 531 eligible patients were randomized 1 : 1 to self-administer GP2015(More)
A multidisciplinary approach was developed to estimate urban groundwater vulnerability to contamination combining hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, subterranean hydrogeotechnics, groundwater ecotoxicology and isotope tracers. Paranhos and Salgueiros spring waters in Porto City were used as a case study. Historical and current vulnerability scenarios were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed at evaluating the effect of vaginal intercourse on spontaneous labor onset at term. METHODS In a randomized controlled trial, patients with singleton, cephalic, term, and low-risk pregnancy were assigned to either vaginal intercourse at least twice a week or abstinence. The following data were assessed: demographics, parity,(More)
INTRODUCTION Sentinel node (SN) biopsy to predict axillary involvement in breast cancer patients is a common practice. After a positive SN, additional metastases are present in an unpredictable percentage, as variable as 13-66%, of axillary clearances. Our aim is to define variables associated with non-sentinel node (NSN) metastases and to determine the(More)
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