Maria Jorge Campos

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Recent findings suggest that use of colistin as a last resort antibiotic is seriously threatened by the rise of a new plasmid mediated mechanism of resistance (MCR-1). This work identifies, for the first time in Southern Europe, the gene mcr-1 in nine strains from farm animals (poultry and swine) corresponding to five Escherichia coli and four Salmonella(More)
Non-typhoidal salmonellosis is an important zoonotic disease caused by Salmonella enterica. This work focuses on the identification of Salmonella enterica clonal strains which, presenting a wide distribution potential, express resistance determinants that compromise effectiveness of the antimicrobial therapy. The screening was performed on 506 Salmonella(More)
Resistance to the quinolones nalidixic acid (NAL) and ciprofloxacin (CIP) and the occurrence of quinolone resistance determinants have been investigated in 300 non-typhoidal Salmonella from human origin, isolated in the years between 2004 and 2008, in 6 hospitals within Extremadura (Spain). Salmonella Enteritidis was the major serotype found among(More)
PCR with degenerate primers can be used to identify the coding sequence of an unknown protein or to detect a genetic variant within a gene family. These primers, which are complex mixtures of slightly different oligonucleotide sequences, can be optimized to increase the efficiency and/or specificity of PCR in the amplification of a sequence of interest by(More)
A screening of antimicrobial resistance and its genetic determinants has been performed on 300 Salmonella enterica isolates collected during 2004-2008 from human infections in Spain. Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Enteritidis were the major serotypes, which were found with similar frequencies covering 80% of the bacterial collection. Salmonella(More)
Among zoonotic diseases, campylobacteriosis stands out as the major bacterial infection producing human gastroenteritis. Antimicrobial therapy, only recommended in critical cases, is challenged by resistance mechanisms that should be unambiguously detected for achievement of effective treatments. Quinolone (ciprofloxacin) resistance of Campylobacter jejuni(More)
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