Maria Joita

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A completely n -positive linear map from a locally C∗-algebra A to another locally C∗-algebra B is an n × n matrix whose elements are continuous linear maps from A to B and which verifies the condition of completely positivity. In this paper we prove a Radon-Nikodym type theorem for strict completely n-positive linear maps which describes the order relation(More)
Let A and B be two Fréchet locally C∗-algebras, let E be a full Hilbert A-module, and let F be a Hilbert B-module. We show that a bijective linear map Φ : E → F is a unitary operator from E to F if and only if there is a map φ : A → B with closed range such that Φ (ξa) = Φ (ξ) φ (a) and φ (〈ξ, η〉) = 〈Φ(ξ) , Φ(η)〉 for all a ∈ A and for all ξ, η ∈ E. AMS(More)
In this paper we study the unitary equivalence between Hilbert modules over a locally C∗-algebra. Also, we prove a stabilization theorem for countably generated modules over an arbitrary locally C∗-algebra and show that a Hilbert module over a Fréchet locally C∗-algebra is countably generated if and only if the locally C∗-algebra of all ”compact” operators(More)
We introduce the notion of strong Morita equivalence for group actions on locally C-algebras and prove that the crossed products associated with two strongly Morita equivalent continuous inverse limit actions of a locally compact group G on the locally C∗-algebras A and B are strongly Morita equivalent. This generalizes a result of F. Combes, Proc. London(More)