Maria Joita

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The crossed products of locally C *-algebras are defined and a Takai duality theorem for inverse limit actions of a locally compact group on a locally C *-algebra is proved. 1 Introduction Locally C *-algebras are generalizations of C *-algebras. Instead of being given by a single C *-norm, the topology on a locally C *-algebra is defined by a directed(More)
In this paper we study the unitary equivalence between Hilbert modules over a locally C *-algebra. Also, we prove a stabilization theorem for countably generated modules over an arbitrary locally C *-algebra and show that a Hilbert module over a Fréchet locally C *-algebra is countably generated if and only if the locally C *-algebra of all " compact "(More)
The order relation on the set of completely n-positive linear maps from a pro-C *-algebra A to L(H), the C *-algebra of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space H, is characterized in terms of the representation associated with each completely n-positive linear map. Also, the pure elements in the set of all completely n-positive linear maps from A to(More)