Maria João Ramos Pereira

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The increase in species diversity from the Poles to the Equator is a major biogeographic pattern, but the mechanisms underlying it remain obscure. Our aim is to contribute to their clarification by describing the latitudinal gradients in species richness and in evolutionary age of species of New World bats, and testing if those patterns may be explained by(More)
Species range-limits are influenced by a combination of several factors. In our study we aimed to unveil the drivers underlying the expansion of the Egyptian mongoose in Portugal, a carnivore that was confined to southern Portugal and largely increased its range during the last three decades. We evaluated the expansion of the species in three periods(More)
The Baixo Vouga Lagunar (BVL) landscape, in the Portuguese central-west coast, harbours a mosaic of wetland habitat types, interspersed by intensive and extensive agricultural fields, pastures, production forests and urban areas. In this study, we aimed to determine the species composition and the structure of the bat assemblages of the different habitats(More)
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