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— In this paper we describe our progress towards understanding human communication through physical interaction. We describe a classification algorithm that can recognize four classes of actions that frequently occur during collaborative manipulation of planar objects. These actions were selected based on a user study involving dyads of elderly and(More)
The RoboHelper project has the goal of developing assistive robots for the elderly. One crucial component of such a robot is a multimodal dialogue architecture, since collaborative task-oriented human-human dialogue is inherently multimodal. In this paper, we focus on a specific type of interaction, Haptic-Ostensive (H-O) actions, that are pervasive in(More)
A numeric quantity that characterizes the whole structure of a network is called a topological index. In the studies of quantitative structure-activity relationship and quantitative structure-property relationship, the topological indices are utilized to guess the physical features related to the bioactivities and chemical reactivities in certain networks.(More)
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