Maria Jacqueline Silva Ribeiro

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Spatial and temporal density and biomass distribution of the planktonic copepods Pseudodiaptomus richardi and P. acutus along a salinity gradient were investigated in the Caeté River Estuary (North-Brazil) in June and December, 1998 (dry season) and in February and May, 1999 (rainy season). Copepod biomass was estimated using regression parameters based on(More)
The opossum has been suggested as an animal model for biomedical studies due to its adaptability to captivity and number of births per year. Despite many studies on morphology and experimental neurology using this opossum model, the literature does not offer details of the nerves of the lumbosacral plexus in this species. Ten lumbosacral plexus were(More)
Although bodypainting has been reported as a great resource for teaching surface anatomy of humans, its use in veterinary anatomy has not been scientifically reported. In the present study, bodypainting was performed on 4 horses for anatomy teaching purposes of the equine locomotor apparatus. We aimed to use the bodypainting method as an additional tool to(More)
BACKGROUND Until recently, primary hyperaldosteronism was considered a rare cause of secondary hypertension. However, in recent years, many studies have suggested that this disease can affect up to 20% of hypertensive individuals. OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of primary hyperaldosteronism in hypertensive patients treated at the hypertension(More)
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