Maria J. Vicent

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The polyglutamic acid/peptoid 1 (QM56) nanoconjugate inhibits apoptosis by interfering with Apaf-1 binding to procaspase-9. We now describe anti-inflammatory properties of QM56 in mouse kidney and renal cell models.In cultured murine tubular cells, QM56 inhibited the inflammatory response to Tweak, a non-apoptotic stimulus. Tweak induced MCP-1 and Rantes(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammation may lead to tissue injury. We have studied the modulation of inflammatory milieu-induced tissue injury, as exemplified by the mesothelium. Peritoneal dialysis is complicated by peritonitis episodes that cause loss of mesothelium. Proinflammatory cytokines are increased in the peritoneal cavity during peritonitis episodes. However(More)
In this article we present a prototype tool for the modelling of natural elements based on procedural modelling using Random L-systems, or RL-systems. RL-systems are L-systems which are extended using random variables, which permits us to obtain different individuals of the same species based on the same system. The proposed tool is flexible, easily(More)
miRNAs are predicted to control the activity of approximately 60% of all protein-coding genes participating in the regulation of several cellular processes and diseases, including cancer. Recently, we have demonstrated that miR-187 is significantly downregulated in prostate cancer (PCa) and here we propose a proteomic approach to identify its potential(More)
This paper presents a method to obtain a single continuos polygonal mesh representing a branched structure taken from a tree and modelled by a L-systems-based method. A refinement process is made once the model of the tree is obtained. This process produces smooth transitions in the tree areas joining the branches. That is, the overlapping problems and(More)
The Polar plan method for the calculation of the form factor is an alternative to the existing projective discrete methods (hemicube, tetrahedron, cartesian infinite plane, etc). This method is classified within the methods based on Nusselt's analogy by infinite plane like Sillion's and Puech's. The main characteristics and advantages of the method we(More)
We have identified a family of peptoids that inhibits in vitro the activity of the apoptosome, a macromolecular complex that activates mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis pathways. The analysis of peptide-based cell compatible delivery systems of the most active peptoid is presented. The active peptoid was then fused to cell penetrating peptides (CPP) as(More)
Polypeptides are envisaged to achieve a major impact on a number of different relevant areas such as biomedicine and biotechnology. Acquired knowledge and the increasing interest on amino acids, peptides and proteins is establishing a large panel of these biopolymers whose physical, chemical and biological properties are ruled by their controlled sequences(More)