Maria J. Sauza del Pozo

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The role of melatonin in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract had previously been limited to its well-described anti-oxidant properties. Recent studies have, however, expanded the role of melatonin in the intestine, showing that it acts as a hormone with local paracrine actions to modulate GI function and the release of other hormones. The GI epithelium produces(More)
The effects of histamine upon secretin- or cholecystokinin (CCK)-evoked exocrine pancreatic secretion were investigated in the anaesthetised guinea pig. Histamine (0.1 µmol/kg/min) induced a slight increase in pancreatic juice flow and total protein release compared to saline controls. Secretin (0.5 pmol/kg/min) and CCK-8 (0.75 pmol/kg/min) evoked marked(More)
The prevalence of endemic goiter was evaluated during 1986 in 1,015 school age children from basic public schools of Santiago and Temuco, Chile. The prevalence of goiter, defined by WHO's standards was 7.6% as a whole, without differences related to children's geographical origin. A greater prevalence of goiter, in females than in males, which increased(More)
Objective. To examine the role of ethnicity and the use of anti-malarials (protective) on lupus renal disease. Methods. A nested case control study (1:2 proportion, n = 265 and 530) within GLADEL’s (Grupo Latino Americano De Estudio de Lupus) longitudinal inception cohort was carried out. The end-point was ACR renal criterion development after diagnosis.(More)
In 198 school age children, aged 6 to 13 years, the bone mineral density (BMD) and total bone mass (TBM) was measured in total body, lumbar spine and hip, using a double beam photon densitometer with a Gd 153 source. An increase with age of BMD and TBM was found in all the analyzed areas. At 12 years of age, TBM and BMD of total body were higher in girls(More)
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