Maria J. Sanjuan-Ferrer

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The surveillance of maritime areas with remote sensing is vital for security reasons, as well as for the protection of the environment. Satellite-borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) offers large-scale surveillance, which is not reliant on solar illumination and is rather independent of weather conditions. The main feature of vessels in SAR images is a(More)
This paper investigates the detection of Coherent Scatterers (CSs) in ice and glacier terrain by means of TerraSAR-X time series data in the test site of the Helheim Glacier in Greenland. CSs are evaluated with respect to detection and potential applications. Applying optimized detection scheme can be useful for retrieving information about the glacier(More)
Ship detection is an important topic for security and surveillance of maritime and costal areas. A solution exploiting satellite-borne SAR sensors is particularly interesting, because it offers wide scale surveillance capabilities, which are not reliant on solar illumination and are rather independent of weather conditions ([1], [2], [3]). In SAR images,(More)
Tandem-L is a highly innovative SAR satellite mission for the global observation of dynamic processes on the Earth’s surface with hitherto unknown quality and resolution. Thanks to its novel imaging techniques and its unprecedented acquisition capacity, Tandem-L will deliver urgently needed information for the solution of pressing scientific questions in(More)
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