Maria J Martins-Silva

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To study the distribution of molluscs in the Riacho Fundo Creek (cerrado region of central Brazil), five creek sites were sampled once every two months for one year. Molluscs were sampled using standardized kick-net sampling. Four species of molluscs were found: Physella cubensis, Melanoides tuberculata, Biomphalaria straminea and Pisidium sp. The most(More)
The Thiarid snail Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller, 1774), native to Asia and East Africa was recorded for the first time in the Paranã River basin, Goiás State. There is no evidence concerning introduction vectors but aquarium releases is the most probable vector. Specimens were collected at three different water bodies after twenty-seven rivers were(More)
Distribution of Trichoptera along Paranã River Basin, Goiás State, with new records for genera, is presented. Eighteen sample sites were made along the basin during the rain (March and December/2003) and dry (July/2003 and August/2004) seasons. Surber and D net were used for sampling all habitats.
Anodontites tenebricosus (Lea, 1834) typically inhabits lotic environments, partially buried in sandy or gravel substrate in South America waters (Bonetto, 1967; Castellanos and Landoni, 1990). The species occurs in four Neotropical sub-regions, and, in Brazil, it has been mostly found in the Paraná basin (Mansur and Pereira, 2006; Graf and Cummings, 2007;(More)
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