Maria J. López Arias

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A total of 89 patients with alcoholic cirrhosis and 40 healthy subjects were included in a study to assess the prevalence of intestinal bacterial overgrowth and to analyze its relationship with the severity of liver dysfunction, presence of ascites, and development of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP). Bacterial overgrowth was measured by means of a(More)
Bilateral traumatic abducens nerve palsy is a rare condition. Here a case without skull fracture and associated with cervical spine fracture is reported. Only two cases like this were found in a review of the literature. The mechanism of the lesion is discussed in light of the two main theories proposed thus far. When the injury is acute, as happens in the(More)
Two cases of essential glossopharyngeal neuralgia treated successfully with percutaneous radio-frequency thermocoagulation are reported. In order to avoid cardiovascular complications due to interference with the vagus nerve, a modification of the technique previously used is proposed. The modification used in the cases presented here consists in the use of(More)
A prospective study of percutaneous retrogasserian glycerol rhizotomy (PRGR) with and without metrizamide trigeminal cisternography is reported in the treatment of the trigeminal neuralgia. A series of 100 patients with typical trigeminal neuralgia were allocated randomly to two treatment groups: Group I patients received PRGR with trigeminal cisternography(More)
Comparison of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH), naloxone, and dexamethasone treatments in experimental spinal cord injury was studied in albino rats. Animals were made paraplegic by the application clip method of Rivlin and Tator. Treatment was administered intraperitoneally as a bolus injection in two doses at 45 and 120 minutes each after the injury.(More)
The effect of the opiate antagonist naloxone on the functional recovery of rats injured with a 10 g-cm impact to the spinal cord at the T-3 level is studied. Sixteen rats were treated with 0.8 mg of naloxone in an intraperitoneal bolus 45 and 120 minutes after injury, 16 rats were given 4 mL of saline instead of naloxone, and 16 rats were neither injured(More)
A morphometric study of the pyramidal tract at the spinal cord level in the normal albino rat is reported. The area, perimeter, axonal and glial cell count, and axonal concentration were determined at the seventh cervical, second thoracic, and third lumbar spinal cord levels. The results show consistent diminishing values of the area, axonal and glial cell(More)