Maria Ivanova

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Sickle hemoglobin nucleation occurs in solution as a homogeneous process or on existing polymers in a heterogeneous process. We have developed an analytic formulation to describe the solution crowding and large nonideality that affects the heterogeneous nucleation of sickle hemoglobin by using convex particle theory. The formulation successfully fits the(More)
The article is based on the results of 10-year use of the method of aspiration drainage of the abdominal cavity in the treatment of 980 children with purulent peritonitis of appendicular origin. The authors used only a polymer tube to drain the cavity of the true pelvis and in principle did not resort to intraoperative irrigation of the abdominal cavity,(More)
This paper argues that Friedrich A. v. Hayek’s theory of mind and the relation between mental and physical events, most systematically presented in his 1952 book, The Sensory Order, is indebted to Ernst Mach’s theory, and, in particular, to his Analysis of Sensations, above and beyond what Hayek himself along with multiple admirers of his work ever cared to(More)