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Characterization of insect galls from a vegetation area in Altinópolis, São Paulo State, Brazil
The occurrence of insect galls from natural vegetation around the Itambé Cave, Altinópolis, SP, Brazil is studied and the first register of Bauhinia holophylla as host plants of Cecidomyiidae is presented, increasing knowledge about the diversity of host plant and gall-maker associations in the Neotropical region. Expand
Azana atlantica, n.sp., with reduced mouthparts and two ocelli: first record of Azana for the Neotropical region (Diptera: Mycetophilidae: Sciophilinae)
A new Sciophilinae—Azana atlantica, sp.n.—is described from the Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil, and Azana, Morganiella, Neoaphelomera, Neotrizygia, and TrizyGia are shown to compose a small clade within the Azana-group of genera. Expand
Vertical stratification of Diptera abundance and species richness in an Amazonian tropical forest
Measuring species richness of tropical forests is a major challenge. Such measurement is a key information in many senses, from an evolutionary perspective to conservation of threatened, fragileExpand
A review of Anapausis Enderlein (Diptera: Scatopsidae) in the Neotropical Region, with four new species and comments on the phylogeny of the genus
The Central American species of Anapausis appear to be more connected to the circumantarctic and the Afro-Oriental clades than to the Holarctic clade of the genus. Expand